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So on Tumblr, [ profile] chairman_wow reblogged a 30 days of monster people art challenge, and I've been doing it \o/ It's quite fun :D

The first 9 are here under the cut. )

And that's it for now! This is quite a fun challenge, even if I don't manage to do it daily like you're meant to.

Oh - is anyone else watching Teen Wolf? I need someone else to sob with ;a; (Oh Derek, your life! And Mama Argent, noooo!)
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1) I've booked tickets down to London~ I'm gonna be there from Friday 14th - Sunday 16th, so it's not a long trip, but I just wanted to get away from home for a while, lol. [ profile] chairman_wow and [ profile] pola_bear have both said they'd like to meet up and do something, so if any other Post Slash Panel Feminist Ranters would like to meet up on Saturday, that'd be ace~ I was thinking of maybe finding a museum, but [ profile] pola_bear suggested a picnic (if it's not raining?). Anyone have any ideas, or know of any neat exhibitions that are on? I'd kind of prefer to do something late morning/lunch-y, so I can spend the late afternoon/evening with my brother :)

2) I have switched Tumblrs! So if you wanted to follow me on there, it's I only really changed it so I could use a coherent tagging system, as unfortunately Tumblr hasn't given me a way to organise/change my tags =/ Sucky.

3) I've been watching The Fades! Mostly because [ profile] pandaemonaeum said it was good. I'd been curious, but since I'd missed it on tv, I'd figured I'd just skip it. Still, I watched it on iPlayer, and I've been enjoying it. It's creepy, and once again the leads are dudes (and white, and straight! so surprising), and also two fairly major female characters die violently, but other than that it's pretty cool. It's a neat take on zombies, at least.

4) Oh, and because I find this hilaaaarious: we have to part-exchange our car a year earlier than we thought we would. We've actually driven it out of its warranty. It's racked up 66000 miles in just over two years... Warranty ends at 60000, lol. When my Mum told the guy at the garage this, he apparently hung up in shock. So uh, we drive a lot? Oops? Anyway, it basically means we're exchanging it for a new car today, rather than in a year. Yay new car! \o/ Boo higher monthly repayments.

Ummm yep, that's it. How's everyone else been?
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So I turned on Radio 1 this evening, as I sat in the car waiting for my little brother. I expected to hear some indie stuff, maybe some dance music, possibly an inane host chatting about banal things.


Disturbingly graphic Top Gear fanfic, set in the year 2016/17 when Jeremy Clarkson has gotten rid of all the girls.

I can't even describe it to you, only I have to mention that Jeremy Clarkson apparently wanked David Beckham, and whilst fingering James May, he may have severed some fingers.

Skip to minute 28, and spend 5 minutes asking yourself if they really, really broadcast this on national radio.
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So the only time I've been awake during daylight for these past two weeks has been when I've had to go to appointments at the dole office.

It kinda sucks, I guess, but then again I don't have to interact with anyone when they're asleep, although it's probably really sad that I don't even feel like talking to my own family.

On the other hand, my hermit-like isolation has meant that my obsessive rewatching of White Collar has gone unnoticed.

Matt Bomer is truly fucking gorgeous:

Oh, btw, I kind of have an itch to write something, so go ahead and leave me some prompts - if you want~


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