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Help me, o FListies! I can't stop buying comics (I spent like maybe, £50 on them today? FIFTY WHOLE POUNDS, MY GOD). I just... I try to stop and then I don't and I DON'T EVEN FEEL BAD.

I've kind of had to stop buying so much in the way of coke and chocolate and crisps, so I guess technically I'm being healthier? That's good?


Anyway I had a telephone interview today! I passed it! So that means I get to go to a group assessment! And then maybe I'll get a job, and if you need to phone a helpline about Student Loans, you'll be hearing my dulcet tones over the phone. Who knows? Fingers crossed though!

Er, what else... Oh, I volunteered to be on a panel at Eastercon! I'M REALLY KIND OF NERVOUS but also excited. It's about the New DC 52, which is something I'm really interested in! (I would say, see previous FIFTY WHOLE POUNDS spent on comics, but I wasn't even buying DC stuff today! AK:SDJFL:ASF) I'm kind of hoping it's going to be ok? I mean, in general the people who talk about comics at Eastercon are neat people, so I don't think they're going to make fun of me and make me cry, BUT I MAY DO THAT TO MYSELF. I will just sit there blubbing into my free drink, and every time someone asks me if I have an opinion, I will tearfully reply, "I'm not even here, you're drunk and imagining me! WHY won't you stop imagining me so I can crawl out of here like a wounded kitten."

I um. Probably won't do that though.

In other news, I cut my hair and dyed it green! Because I make excellent life choices.

And finally, on Twitter, I followed Liam Sharp and he followed me back! Which is excellent news for me, since I've had a crush on him since I asked for him to sign something for me at Worldcon.
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I dyed my hair today! I'm sort of pleased with the results? I'm currently a nice bright red, with some darker patches, but it does seem to be quite an orange based red, so I think I'll switch to a more true-red/pink-based red next time.

The dark patches are because I was black haired before, and I only bleached/lightened my hair twice - no point in killing it a lot, when I actually don't mind a mottled look to hair. I know most people are used to a single colour? Or a single colour with purposeful streaks, but I just like a lot of variety in tone, I guess XD;;;

Anyway! Before and after pics under the cut, because I clearly haven't been vain enough on here.

Hair today, gone tomorrow. )

Oh, and I went to the doctor's yesterday... I have high blood pressure? /o\ I've already been trying to give up salt, but I guess I'll cut it out as much as possible, along with junk food and caffeine. Sob, you guys, I don't know how I'll cope without Diet Coke, I just don't.

And! I know I'm taking forever to reply to comments, I'm sorry! I read them all, and then I'm kind of like, " no words..." my brain just blanks or something. I'll get back to you all soon though!
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♥ So I've been intending to do a 3 drummer picspam, of Bob Bryar, Chris Gaylor and the Butcher, but I am really lazy. And also, I think about it? And then I think, "Well hey, Travie's kind of scorchingly hot, he should be in there, even if he isn't a drummer." And then I basically descend into thinking about all the people I've found hot this year, and I am definitely too lazy to do a picspam about all of that.

♥ In the same vein, I thought about posting a mix of songs I've really enjoyed this year - but I can't remember songs that I liked a few months ago, and it would pretty much be made up of bandom and pop songs - which is not necessarily a bad thing? But I think you guys already have all the bandom you need, and I'm not sure any of you actually listen to pop music, ahaha. Maybe I will anyway? Because I like to pretend I'm interacting with you guys by sharing music.

♥ Oh, so, you guys want to know something that's REALLY FUCKING AWESOME?

You do?

I'm going to see Iron Maiden! And Rob Zombie! And My Chemical Romance!!!

I'm going to see MCR TWICE! Once here in Newcastle, which, y'know, yay. The other time?



In Paris!!!

I'm so excited, you guys have no idea! I don't think I was this excited when I went to see Dir en Grey in Paris, so. Y'know. EEEEE! Perhaps it's the addition of a [ profile] xaritomene that makes it so awesome?

♥ And I dyed my bangs/fringe greeny-turquoise!

Have a look under the cut )

♥ And back to fannish things, I really need to finish writing my [ profile] aar_capslock Secret Santa. I had a lot of fun planning out a couple more bits of it with [ profile] xaritomene when we met in Newcastle, so hopefully it won't take me too long (haha, it better not, the deadline's the 22nd!). You guys have already seen the Star!AU, there's also a Punk!AU, and a Liquor Shop!AU, and I'm trying to think of two more. I think perhaps a DJ!AU, and then a College!AU? The person I'm writing for doesn't want too much crack, or you can bet I'd be writing about fairies and dragons and vampires, and probably genies and zombies too. Alas, my life, so hard.

♥ Aaaaah, screw it, I'm really in love with Chris right now, so here's a mini-picspam!

He owns a micro brewery, doncha know? )

So that was uh, a lot less mini than I thought it would be. :D?


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