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I dyed my hair today! I'm sort of pleased with the results? I'm currently a nice bright red, with some darker patches, but it does seem to be quite an orange based red, so I think I'll switch to a more true-red/pink-based red next time.

The dark patches are because I was black haired before, and I only bleached/lightened my hair twice - no point in killing it a lot, when I actually don't mind a mottled look to hair. I know most people are used to a single colour? Or a single colour with purposeful streaks, but I just like a lot of variety in tone, I guess XD;;;

Anyway! Before and after pics under the cut, because I clearly haven't been vain enough on here.

This is obvs the before pic, and was actually taken just before an old boyfriend came over, and I was panicking a bit about how I looked, because uh... yeah, I still like him ;) We hit it off though! Huzzah!

Uh, well one is obvs from this morning, and I was feeling headachey and sick v..v;; But as you can see I am now showered and red-headed~ I've been growing my fringe out, and now it's down to my chin! I'm still tempted to chop most of it off though, hahaha.

Oh, and I went to the doctor's yesterday... I have high blood pressure? /o\ I've already been trying to give up salt, but I guess I'll cut it out as much as possible, along with junk food and caffeine. Sob, you guys, I don't know how I'll cope without Diet Coke, I just don't.

And! I know I'm taking forever to reply to comments, I'm sorry! I read them all, and then I'm kind of like, " no words..." my brain just blanks or something. I'll get back to you all soon though!


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