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Oh my gosh, you guys it's 6.20am. Someone shoot me!

Anywhooo, the reason I'm up so early is because I have to get train at 7.30 and then a bus at 8.45 to get to London for 15.45! And I am going to then stay there until Wednesday at 23.15! \O/

If anyone wants to meet up, tweet me or email me or comment here, I'll have my phone so I'll have (somewhat limited) access to the net & email. I'm already super excited about seeing [personal profile] chairman_wow! I'd love to meet others for coffee or museum gazing or window shopping or whatever~~

As I'm sure most of you know, my part of the country is under snow, and has been since Wednesday! I'd say that in places where it hasn't been cleared, it's about 1 foot deep! Or 30cm for my metric friends. Frustratingly I don't think I own any actually waterproof shoes, but my Docs have been mostly watertight, so they're the ones I'm wearing down to London :) It's bleedin' freezing though! I'm not that fond of the cold, although Star does have a lot of fun running in the drifts (and also, fools passerby into thinking she has tiny legs! Hehehe).

Ummmm. Oh! Right, one thing I think absolutely everyone should do is go and download is anybody upstairs? by The Animal Upstairs. I've been listening to that album a lot lately, and I think it's excellent! It's done by Andy 'the Butcher' Mrotek, who is the drummer for The Academy Is... (can I just say? He is fucking hot, and ridiculously talented, and an artist! And he looks fiiiiiine in teeny tiny running shorts!)

Right! So! Wish me luck on my epic snow-filled quest! London here I come~!


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