Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:57 pm
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So! I'm back from Paris! It was really great this time, I had a fantastic time! I won't update much now, since I'm tired and I don't have the pictures sorted, but tomorrow, hopefully, I'll get that all together :D

High point? Was absolutely MCR! After the disappointment of them at the arena, I can't even begin to tell you how great they were in a smaller venue! Every single thing except the sound system was so much better. And Frank! Frank was amazing! ♥

(Only) Low Point - seeing a dog get hit by a scooter outside the Musée D'Orsay. Ugh, I think the poor thing managed to get away with just a broken leg, but I have never fucking heard a dog scream before, and I hope I never do again. I have never heard anything so sad.

Anyway! More tomorrow~~ ♥
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This is just a short entry, because I'm sleepy as fuck and I doubt many of you actually care but XD

Rob Zombie, you guys, fucking wow! I thought the show was immense and amazing!! Literally that was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, everything about it was practically perfect (except for my own, treacherous feet. I was wearing comfy boots, why the fuck do they hurt so much?!). Like, atmosphere, music, crowd, everything!

I can't even describe to y'all just how epic I thought it was XD

Oh and Skindred rocked really fucking hard, I didn't really know many of their songs, but I totally fucking approve. Mmm reggae and metal? Yessss fucking pleeeeease.

To end on a shallow note - I would not kick Rob Zombie or his band out of bed. And Joey Jordison is incredible. Unnnnnnnnnnnnnffffffffffff!

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Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line (or first and second line if it's completely impossible) from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own!

I have to admit I skipped a few songs - the ones I'd never heard before, and the Japanese ones :P

She never did what they told her to... )

Some of these are pretty obvious :D
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♥ So I've been intending to do a 3 drummer picspam, of Bob Bryar, Chris Gaylor and the Butcher, but I am really lazy. And also, I think about it? And then I think, "Well hey, Travie's kind of scorchingly hot, he should be in there, even if he isn't a drummer." And then I basically descend into thinking about all the people I've found hot this year, and I am definitely too lazy to do a picspam about all of that.

♥ In the same vein, I thought about posting a mix of songs I've really enjoyed this year - but I can't remember songs that I liked a few months ago, and it would pretty much be made up of bandom and pop songs - which is not necessarily a bad thing? But I think you guys already have all the bandom you need, and I'm not sure any of you actually listen to pop music, ahaha. Maybe I will anyway? Because I like to pretend I'm interacting with you guys by sharing music.

♥ Oh, so, you guys want to know something that's REALLY FUCKING AWESOME?

You do?

I'm going to see Iron Maiden! And Rob Zombie! And My Chemical Romance!!!

I'm going to see MCR TWICE! Once here in Newcastle, which, y'know, yay. The other time?



In Paris!!!

I'm so excited, you guys have no idea! I don't think I was this excited when I went to see Dir en Grey in Paris, so. Y'know. EEEEE! Perhaps it's the addition of a [ profile] xaritomene that makes it so awesome?

♥ And I dyed my bangs/fringe greeny-turquoise!

Have a look under the cut )

♥ And back to fannish things, I really need to finish writing my [ profile] aar_capslock Secret Santa. I had a lot of fun planning out a couple more bits of it with [ profile] xaritomene when we met in Newcastle, so hopefully it won't take me too long (haha, it better not, the deadline's the 22nd!). You guys have already seen the Star!AU, there's also a Punk!AU, and a Liquor Shop!AU, and I'm trying to think of two more. I think perhaps a DJ!AU, and then a College!AU? The person I'm writing for doesn't want too much crack, or you can bet I'd be writing about fairies and dragons and vampires, and probably genies and zombies too. Alas, my life, so hard.

♥ Aaaaah, screw it, I'm really in love with Chris right now, so here's a mini-picspam!

He owns a micro brewery, doncha know? )

So that was uh, a lot less mini than I thought it would be. :D?
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A fanmix for [ profile] darkplace606's [ profile] zombiebang fic:

Spooky Loop The Birthday Massacre
Rotting Root Dir en Grey
The End Roadrunner United
Bodies Drowning Pool
Aim For The Head Creature Feature
Simple Survival Mushroomhead
Your Guts (I Hate 'Em) Reel Big Fish
Home Sweet Homicide Wednesday 13
Kiss With A Fist Florence And The Machine
Amour Rammstein

Download HERE

Bonus: the cover that I scrapped
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Oh my gosh, you guys it's 6.20am. Someone shoot me!

Anywhooo, the reason I'm up so early is because I have to get train at 7.30 and then a bus at 8.45 to get to London for 15.45! And I am going to then stay there until Wednesday at 23.15! \O/

If anyone wants to meet up, tweet me or email me or comment here, I'll have my phone so I'll have (somewhat limited) access to the net & email. I'm already super excited about seeing [personal profile] chairman_wow! I'd love to meet others for coffee or museum gazing or window shopping or whatever~~

As I'm sure most of you know, my part of the country is under snow, and has been since Wednesday! I'd say that in places where it hasn't been cleared, it's about 1 foot deep! Or 30cm for my metric friends. Frustratingly I don't think I own any actually waterproof shoes, but my Docs have been mostly watertight, so they're the ones I'm wearing down to London :) It's bleedin' freezing though! I'm not that fond of the cold, although Star does have a lot of fun running in the drifts (and also, fools passerby into thinking she has tiny legs! Hehehe).

Ummmm. Oh! Right, one thing I think absolutely everyone should do is go and download is anybody upstairs? by The Animal Upstairs. I've been listening to that album a lot lately, and I think it's excellent! It's done by Andy 'the Butcher' Mrotek, who is the drummer for The Academy Is... (can I just say? He is fucking hot, and ridiculously talented, and an artist! And he looks fiiiiiine in teeny tiny running shorts!)

Right! So! Wish me luck on my epic snow-filled quest! London here I come~!
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Before I tell you all my thoughts about Danger Days (the new MCR album), I have some amazing news! My big brother is getting married! He's been engaged to his fiancee for a couple of years, but they hadn't set a date.

Well, now they have: January 25th! I think it's gonna be a pretty laid back ceremony and whatever, because that's how this family rolls. But I am just so sincerely pleased that Lise, his fiancee, is officially becoming a part of our family. I already think she's amazing, and I am super proud that I get to call her my sister-in-law!


Thoughts about the album are under the cut! )

So! In conclusion: Planetary (GO!) and Vampire Money are by far the best tracks on this album. I kind of want to hurt GeeWay for even thinking up S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, it is just that bad. Most of the rest of the songs have really bad lyrics, the drumwork is so boring (OMG BOB! T^T), and I am just not overwhelmed with joy )= It's a shame, because as a whole, the album is ok - but it is only ok, which is somehow kind of worse? I really wantd to love this album, but alas, I think I have to relegate most of it to background music.

Still - when they do it right, as with P GO! and V M, they really do it right, I just wish the album had ALL been that good.

Also, did anyone else think that someone had smashed Franz Ferdinand with The Arctic Monkeys to get the sound for this?

Oh, I guess now is also the time to say - I am so not excited by the Killjoys' verse. I think it would have been amazing as a film or comic, but as an album, I just don't think it works.
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So I've been feeling miserable today (as evidenced by my emo as fuck Tweets, aheh), so I decided to make up a quick mix - stuff that I've listened today that either reflects my mood or something that I've just liked.

The Queen And I Gym Class Heroes

New York Paloma Faith

Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back My Chemical Romance

The Manual Travie McCoy feat. T-Pain and Young Cash

Between Two Lungs Florence And The Machine

Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Marilyn Manson

7 Weeks Gym Class Heroes feat. William Beckett.

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I promise I will post about something sensible soon (like skirts, which I still have opinions on). I have thoughts and shit. I'm just really lazy about making a worthwhile post! D8

So! Not-so-worthwhile things:

  • I have done a mix for [ profile] zombiebang, but it was really difficult to do since I haven't read the fic and also, wow, I found the cover hard to do! This was the first one, which I admit still amuses me BUT IT'S REALLY BAD, so I redid it into this one, which is a tad better. IDK, I'm just bad at this shit, I guess. Here's the tracklisting, which I did so like, half is "AIEEE ZOMBIES" and the other half is "I REALLY REALLY HATE YOU LET ME IN YOUR PANTS". I really hope it fits the fic ok, BUT I HAVE DOUBTS.

  • I have such a serious serious craving to write Gabe/Billviam/Travie. I really want a massive Bandom!Food Network AU, where everyone has their own show and shit, and Bill is basically Nigella Lawson, except male and svelte. I won't write it because I basically hate my writing, but I think I would pay to see others do it.

  • In totally other news, my body is basically falling to pieces and I am a fucking biohazardous wreck. Ugh.

  • I deleted my Facebook, because I was sick of looking at it and seeing "Us middle-class whiteys are so oppressed!" posts. Everyone I really care about, I have other means of communication with, so whatever. I miss having another site to check on in boredom, but I have Tumblr, which updates crazy fast, so I'm ok~

  • Both Evans and New Look have been majorly disappointing lately. Half their shit looks so bad, and the one thing I liked in Evans, Mum said clinged too much to my back fat, so I had to put it back before I sobbed like a fucking child in the changing rooms. IDEK what it is about changing rooms, but they put me on edge and wreck my mood.

  • In good news - I bought Gym Class Heroes' As Cruel As School Children, Paloma Faith's Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful, Marilyn Manson's Lest We Forget, Travie McCoy's Lazarus, The Academy Is... Fast Times At Barrington High and Florence And The Machine's Lungs. I like to think this makes my tastes ecclectic and interesting, rather than influenced solely by fanfic, nostalgia and daytime music tv. *so lame*

    And that's it! I swear I will come back and be interesting at some point!

    Oh! New LJ layout - so pretty!
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