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On the BBC, 'Bristol gay couple win Cornwall b&b bed ban case', or, a gay couple is turned away from a b&b.

I was talking about this with my Mum in the car, and she says that she thinks the ruling is unfair - the hotel owners are morally unable to give an unmarried couple a double bed to share. A civil partnership is apparently not equivalent to marriage in their beliefs.

If the hotel owners weren't business people, if they were just offering beds to people without any money exchanging hands, then I would agree with Mum. If you can't accept someone, for whatever reason, then I personally think you can deny them entrance to your own home. I may find your views abhorrent, but they're yours, and I think you shouldn't be made to let anyone into your house that you don't want in there.

However, since this is a place of business, and not a home, I think that the hotel owners are in the wrong. I understand their point of view, and I actually think they shouldn't do/allow things that they find morally unacceptable, but that doesn't stop them from being in the wrong. There are consequences to all actions, and even if they think they're in the right, these are the consequences to them denying a room to a couple.

I also checked out their website - there's no mention of their policy on there, so I think the owners are even more in the wrong. I don't think it's in any way right to deny customers something they booked, for something they didn't know about!

Anyway, we're no longer in a world where you can deny a homosexual couple a bed, and I think that's a very good thing.


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