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So on Tumblr, [ profile] chairman_wow reblogged a 30 days of monster people art challenge, and I've been doing it \o/ It's quite fun :D

1. Harpy

2. Centaur

I actually don't like this one much, haha, I'm not good at horses v..v;; She's meant to be a fire warrior or smth because in the zodiac, Sagittarius is a centaur and a fire sign. AHA.

3. Slime

One of my favourites :D Based on the idea of living moss graffiti, only she has slime and spores or smth?

4. Naga

I worked so haaard on this one, I really like it :)

5. Mermaid

I copped out on this one, tbh, I couldn't be bothered so I just did a deep sea bioluminesent jelly-fish thang, ahaha.

6. Spider girl

"So he said it wasn't the spider monster thing, but because I didn't shave my legs!
So I said, fuck you AND fuck the patriarchy!"

Another one that I'm proud of! Even though I may have overdone it with the space brushes on the wallpaper, haha.

7. Plant girl

I just had no ideas for this one, she looks like broccoli v..v;;;

8. Octomaid

I COMPLETELY gave up on the tentacles - I could just not get them right, ugh.

9. Demon

Gave up on the background here too, haha. She's meant to be a sweet girl who accidentally keeps tempting people.

And that's it for now! This is quite a fun challenge, even if I don't manage to do it daily like you're meant to.

Oh - is anyone else watching Teen Wolf? I need someone else to sob with ;a; (Oh Derek, your life! And Mama Argent, noooo!)
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