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Three things make a post, so uh, here, three things:

  • Captain America is a really good film! I enjoyed it both times I saw it, and I think Steve Rogers is maybe a perfect character. It reminded me quite a lot of Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow - not surprising, really. After this, Thor and Iron Man, I am getting super excited for The Avengers!

    Look at these perfect puppy dog eyes!

  • I've been getting through Naomi Novik's Temeraire series, and they're really very good. She's got some brilliant characters, and if you're into historical fantasy with a lot of gay subtext, I really recommend them! If I could find a few people to gush about Laurence with, I would be a very happy person.

  • I saw Batman Live a couple of weeks ago! It was really, really good! I wasn't expecting a lot, but I was pleasantly surprised. For all that Harley Quinn's outfit didn't grab me when I first saw it, it worked really well on stage. All of the villains were excellent, but my favourite was The Riddler. He was absolutely perfect, haha.

    After such a long absence from LJ (I'm not saying much but I check my FList every day), I feel like there should be more for me to tell you all, but uh... I got nothing! Life is carrying on as normal, nothing exciting is happening.
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