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  • So the [ profile] random_bandom lists are up, and I got:

    Bob Bryar (fuck yeah)
    Mike Kennerty (♥)
    Cash Colligan (I have no idea who this is T_T)
    Gabe Saporta
    Joe Trohman

    and the character I signed up to write with was Chris Gaylor :D

    If I actually manage to write anything, I predict that this will be MEGA fun~

  • This is a really interesting article on about Mark Landis, who forges artwork, and then donates it to galleries/museums, in memory of his parents. I found it really intriguing.

  • Randomly, I was really stoked to see Coheed and Cambria give a shoutout to The Used in their liner notes for In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (which is also a really good album, JSYK).

  • And finally, some photos from the wedding!

    So that's my Dad, me (checkit, I've got a hat), the groom, David and Aaron. David's tux was bought at 2am on the morning of the wedding, for about £19 from Asda. Aaaaah, mass consumerism.

    The wedding lunch we had at our house so that our Granny could join in. Lise and Matthew are cutting the really yummy, but fairly cheap (£6) cake we'd bought for the occasion. It may be somewhat trashy, but it was still fun :D

    From L-R, that's my Aunti Bizzi, her husband, me, Lise and Matthew. I mainly like this one because they look so happy :D

  • I spent most of today feeling really awful because of a migraine. I kind of hope that isn't some sort of evil foreboding for February...


    And now I'm going to go away! ♥
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