Jun. 21st, 2012

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So! It's uh... been a long damn while since I updated? Oops?

My life, post Easter-Con:

  • Mum and I went to Derby and Chatsworth the weekend after, whilst Dad attended Alt.Fiction, a writers con. We stayed in a Hilton, which was pretty swish! We also went to Broadsworth Hall on the way back up.

  • I had a visit to Middlesbrough & Whitby with Mum. We went into the Magpie and ... eh? They still use lard for cooking chips so I couldn't have any, but the vegetarian shepherds pie was ok.

  • Mum and I went to Bradford and then Harrogate. Both were nice - we met up with my god-mother and her husband at RHC Harlow Carr.

  • Mum and I have just got back from Manchester and Wales! Manchester (well, Wilmslow and Didsbury) were much more interesting than I thought they'd be, and Wales was gorgeous as normal!

    I have also gotten a job! I'm a Room Attendant (...I clean rooms and change beds) at a country house hotel near to me. It's hard work, and the pay is weird - You don't get paid for the hours you work, you get paid at a rate of 2.5 rooms per hour. So I might work from 9am until 2pm, but if I only have 8 rooms, I will get paid until 12pm (they don't pay half hours, apparently). Conversely, if you work 16, you only get paid for 5 hours (or up until 2pm). EMPLOYMENT, EVERYONe.

    So, that's my life right now! I might post pictures later :)
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