Apr. 11th, 2012

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So from Thursday to Tuesday I was down in London attending Eastercon! \o/ I think this was actually my 7th Eastercon (depending on whether Worldcon '05 was mixed up with Eastercon '05). Damn, that is a lot of cons.

I'm gonna put it all under a cut, as I have a few pictures/tweets and this is probably going to get looooong, and this post is all about travel and shit and so is not even about the thing which is in the subject bar... Naturally.

Thursday, with all it's travel SNAFUs and no actual con attendance. )

I am now skipping to the end of our trip, since the actual con report is going in another post, and this is just the personal travel post. (The reason I'm doing this is the con report is gonna get linked to [by me, on Twitter, not by my adoring audience, as I don't have one of those], this is not :D)

Tuesday, where I indulged my whimsical side and we got on more trains. )

So that's that, basically, I'm home and I've had a great time!

Next up - the actual con report :D
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A lot of my Eastercon experience was through Twitter, I said things, read things, retweeted things... It's really easy to lose track of everything, so I used storify to group everything together :)

Just click and read~ [View the story "Eastercon" on Storify]


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