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1. If you had the chance to rule over any country, which would it be?

Ooh, hmm, I'd like somewhere small, but with a good climate and good arable lands, preferably with a coast and favourable trade routes either by land or sea. To be honest, I actually wouldn't mind the UK - it's a little big, but the climate isn't too changeable and there are plenty of resources to take advantage of. OTOH, I could have a nice island somewhere warm, and just let people serve me as I lazed around in my house by the sea... Oh, so difficult... Maybe Tenerife, since I've been there on holiday a lot, and it IS pretty lovely.

2. If you could pick any weapon in the fight against invading aliens, what would it be? (no magic guns that can kill everything) DIPLOMACY~ Hahah, man, it really depends on the aliens! Are they on a bacterial level? Are they poodle sized? Us sized? I'm gonna assume they're similar in size to us and can be taken down by conventional weapons... You can run out of bullets way too quickly to make a gun useful in the long term, but something like a crossbow could be pretty neat. If I want to pretend I'm a badass, then I guess a sturdy bat with nails in >D

3. What creative work has made the biggest impression on you? This can a book, a film, a painting, music...

Oh, wow, I am a massive consumer of all media and have been since I was little, so I don't know if anything's ever had too massive of an impression on me... Maybe Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones? Not because it taught me anything or because it's an ~*important*~ book, but when I read it, it was just perfect. I just felt good reading it, and I have every time I've re-read it since.

4. Any guilty pleasures?

Really terrible porn, NGL.

5. Favourite dish from your childhood?

Dropped scones? Jacket potatoes with butter and cheese? My family has never really had traditional mealtimes or anything, so there's no signature dish from my childhood, haha.

6. What's your biggest strength?

Over investing in really trivial things? Reading a lot of slash? Er... Well I guess I'm pretty good at looking on the positive side of things, and I can analyse things pretty well.

7. And your biggest weakness?

Procrastination and self-sabotage.

8. Pepsi, Coke or neither?

Diet Coke! Alllll the way.

9. If you could take a snapshot of a moment in your life so far, what would it be?

Er, well, there haven't been many moments lately where something in my life hasn't been really bothering me... Not having a job, failing academically, being a really ugly person doomed to die alone showered with the revulsion of her peers (why are all these things still true, JFC)...

I guess any of the times where me and the family and the dog have gone to Belsay Castle, or any other historical building... I'm always pretty happy there.

10. Were you ever in the Brownies or Girl Scouts or other such organisation?

I was briefly in the Girl's Brigade, before joining the Brownies and moving on the the Girl Guides :D I got a confectioners badge!

11. Rec me one book to read over the summer, and tell me why.

Er... Oh! The Clockwork Century books by Cherie Priest, specifically Boneshaker and Dreadnought, which are the first two. I have Ganymede somewhere, but I got halfway through and a little disinterested... Uh! Anyway, the reasons I like these books are that they're really clever, really well-written steampunk, but they're also zombie books! That's like, two of my favourite genres cuddled together to produce some truly fabulous books. I also think that the gruesome aspects of the book are handled with a light enough touch that they have an impact, but don't leave me so revolted that I take to Twitter in a moralistic rage. Another major plus point is that the female characters are all really strong and well written! Dreadnought especially is fantastic for this, as it's told entirely from a female perspective and she's a nurse! That's not someone you normally see represented in fiction, y'know?

I tag... anyone that sees this and wants to do it! Ahaha, *copping out*

11 questions:

1) What's your plan of action for a zombie apocalypse?
2) Do you believe in the supernatural?
3) What was your favourite book/film/tv show etc as a child?
4) Which film have you anticipated the most?
5) If you could give any film a sequel, which film, why and what would be your ideal plot?
6) Quick! Find your nearest book! Turn to page 7, write down the seventh sentence.
7) In 20 years from now, what's your dream life like?
8) Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?
9) What's your go-to feel good film?
10) What does everyone else love that you can't abide?
11) Say something nice about someone you know!


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