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I've been wanting to update for a while, but lately I haven't had a lot to say. Life is ticking along, not a lot of any great interest has been happening. I don't think anyone really wants to hear me wax lyrical over skirts and my newfound love thereof, and I haven't been thinking of much else XD

Oh, I added someone on MSN that I didn't really want to - I don't really know why I didn't put my foot down and say no (I did once, but then he came back and was like, "I insist!"). I have nothing to talk to him about, I don't really like him a great deal and he's made himself an enemy of a few of my friends. I think he only added me so he could tout me as someone 'on his side', otherwise I have no idea why he wants to speak to me - I'm honestly not that good at things like MSN. I go through phases where I'm chatty, but mostly I'm pretty quiet because I have nothing to say.

Uh, oh! I added a bunch of fat positive blogs on Tumblr, and they all reblog themselves! It's not like I have a problem with that or anything, but it gets a little overwhelming, haha. And then I have a bunch of punk ones, which are all quite political (obviously, I guess). My Tumblr dashboard used to be cute things and pretty landscapes, now it's like, fat women, politics and the occasional cupcake. And lots of zombies.
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