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  • So, on the 25th, (that would be Tuesday), my big brother got married! It was a small, informal ceremony, followed by a gorgeous meal. I don't think I've seen my brother that absolutely happy for quite a long time, and I am just so proud of him. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and, OMG, you guys! MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED!

  • I recently remembered, which is a great site for music. I'm not great at labeling music, but the tags they have up are electronica, house, dubstep, reggae, rock, verbal, funk, techno &c. It's just really chill and makes for really interesting, non-obtrusive background music.

    I really liked this one, which is apparently "dub, reggae, breaks". It's awesome.

  • I signed up for [ profile] random_bandom, some others of you may be interested in checking it out! Sign ups are open until Sunday.

  • At some point, I have to choose a new bed (I quite like the look of Ikea's Leirvik frame, what say you?), and decorate my bedroom. I'm thinking pink and gold stripes, because Mum keeps saying I can't go all black. I mean, it's a room for sleeping in, so I think plunging myself into pitch darkness is not necessarily a bad thing, but she seems to disagree.

  • Finally, the dog has decided she would very much like to at the foot of my bed. I am too weak to deny her. Alas.
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