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1) Recently, I got out my sewing machine and modded a t-shirt I own into something that looks cooler and fits better! Details under the

This t-shirt from Unicorn Empire

Into this!

So all of the gold fabric is added in - so you can see I changed the neckline, the shoulders, and the sides! I'm soooo pleased with how it came out - there are tons of mistakes, but it's a lot better looking on me now than it used to be, haha.

2) I got my financial aid through for my next Open University courses!! That means in October I'll be studing Exploring the Classical World and Reading Classical Latin. Once those two are finished with, I have two more courses to do to complete my degree! Only two years to go~~ Who'd have thought I'd have made it this far?

Oh, and speaking of education, I got my NCFE Level 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools! So that's pretty good too. And I got a Grade 2 pass in my Ancient Greek course :D

3) Today Mum and I booked our tickets and some of our hotels for cons next year! So my con schedule now looks like this:

World Fantasy Con - Brighton, Oct 31 - Nov 3 (not looking forward to this a great deal, tbh, doesn't seem like there'll be much for me to do? but we shall see!)

Eastercon - Glasgow - April 18-21 - I volunteered! And I always enjoy Eastercons, but I'm especially excited for another one in Glasgow :) We booked the Travelodge for this already, and it came out to £86 for three nights, which is really not too bad!

Nine Worlds Geekfest - London - August 8-10 - tickets are bought, I do intend to volunteer for this one! I think it's in the same hotel and location as this years, so that's convenient! I'm definitely looking forward to this one a lot! And if you're in London or nearby, you should deffo consider it! There's plenty to do!

Worldcon - London - August 14-18 - I'm so excited for this! I loved the Worldcon I went to in Glasgow, and I cannot wait to go to this one! And I volunteered for the fan stream, I think (waiting for the fan stream organiser to email me back...)
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