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So er, [ profile] ashling_lily posted some of her art, and I thought that since part of my new years resolution is to draw more, I might share some of mine? :D? It's not great, but I like most of what I've done!

Chronological order, go!

IDK, I was sketching this out, but apparently now I can't leave anything until I've slapped on at least SOME colour? I do love how her eyes came out though!

This one was an experiment on creating lines by erasing from a coloured canvas. I'm pretty happy with it, but I could just be lusting after the pink and ignoring all the flaws, hahaha.

I commissioned a drawing of this kid from someone on Tumblr (who has, er, disappeared? But I don't mind, the money was a donation to their stressful housing situation), and looking over a past commission made me want to draw him! And name him. So now he's C, a really tired zombie apocalypse survivor! Whilst everyone else is busy wearing neutral colours to blend in with buildings, C figures if he's going to die, he is going to die wearing something OTHER than beige and taupe.

I guess I just like girls and really bright colours, hahaha. This is Adora Fixalot, who is an excellent mechanic, with a strong chin.

This is a fanart of Abe Sapien (awesome blue fish dude from B.P.R.D/Hellboy comics) meeting a friendly, bioluminescent mermaid. It was (obviously) a birthday gift for a friend ♥

The lineart on this one is actually a few months old, but I cleaned it up and popped some colour on it. She's meant to be a museum tour guide...

And finally today!

So uh… space pirates! Or, one very accomplished Space Pirate Captain (currently a little worried and confused), and one very enthusiastic shop girl who is seizing her chance to be a Space Pirate! (And if not a Space Pirate, another notch on the Captain’s bedpost, because gosh darn).

Hahahaha, I know this isn’t excellent or anything, but I was experimenting with trying not to use black lines! I think it’s come out ok though! I also figured out how to install brushes in Photoshop, so I'm pretty pleased with myself!

Annnnd that's it! I may do a few more art posts in future, if anyone's interested?

Also I'm going down to London tonight! I'm going to have a champagne afternoon tea in Bloomsbury, and visit the da Vinci exhibit annnnd do some IRL drawing with [ profile] chairman_wow! I think it shall be excellent!
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