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Ok, so uh , there is someone out there who is still waiting on their [ profile] aar_capslock Secret Santa... Um. I uh... am still... working on it v..v;;;;; I am so ashamed, you have no idea.

In other, somewhat less shameful news, I'm unemployed! The temporary contract I had with Sainsbury's ran out, and they decided not to give me a permanent contract. It's a shame, but my health is so bad anyway, night shift probably wasn't the most ideal working hours for me... I had a nice time working there though, every single person I met was really friendly and helpful. I did walk past a couple of people walking about me (didn't hear what they said, but you know when someone's talking about you), and rather than feeling a sudden rush of embarrassment, I pretty much smiled and carried on. After all, what're they gonna say? I'm slow? I'm fat? I'm single? All true things, and none of them bothered me.

but yeah, that's over, unfortunately.

Still, that leaves me with more time to make use of my subscription to Marvel's back catalogue of digital comics. I have a whole year to basically read everything I can get my hands on, hahaha. It's fun, and I've been reading Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and Invincible Iron Man. Sometimes the art has made me want to claw my own face off, but it's mainly been fun! I don't know if I've mentioned on here that I've been steadily getting into comics, but I have! It's a pretty even split between Marvel and DC, and I've been trying to read more indie titles, but I haven't found many good recs for them, yet, so my collection of those is still pretty small.

Annnnnd finally, the OU is going ok? I just submitted my third assignment (4 hours late! THE SHAME). I really need to just dedicate a couple of days to sitting down and working through some of it, since I'm really far behind. Once I start reading it's fine? But getting the motivation together to actually sit down and make my way through is difficult. Still, I'm determined! I will finish this, and hopefully with marks over 60. My last two assignments were marked at 73 and 79 respectively, which I'm really pleased with, but I think if I don't start getting more prepared and start managing my time better, I'm going to end up getting lower and lower marks )=

Right then, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! ♥
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