Aug. 14th, 2013

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At Nine Worlds Geek Fest last weekend, there was a panel called 'Fantastic London' run as part of the creative writing track. I'm really proud to say my Mum wrote a short, but incredibly awesome, piece of fiction! In just 15 minutes! I asked her to do a quick recording, just because, and both are under the cut:

Bedlam )

Hopefully that embed works, but if it doesn't, here is a link to Soundcloud.

I hope you all enjoyed it! I'm so proud of my Mum, I think it's a really cool story for something created in such a short time!
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I know I literally only just put up my Eastercon report (so late, I am sobbing), but now I’m posting another con report! This time in a reasonable time frame!

So, Nine Worlds Geek Fest, it was a bit of alright.

This was a multimedia, multi-track convention that went on down in Heathrow in the Radisson and Renaissance hotels. It was its first year, so before I went I was pretty unsure of how it would work out and how having SO MUCH going on would work with however many attendees it attracted.

The short answer – it all worked out really well!

The longer answer, is under the cut! Can we just go back and do it all again? )

I had a really fun time at the con, and I can’t wait to go back next year. I have some last bullet points, which I guess can be seen as feedback?

Positive things:
  • The determined inclusivity – Nine Worlds didn’t shy away from shouting about the fact that the con is for everyone, and harassment wouldn’t be tolerated.
  • Longer panel times – so often an hour can feel rushed and you get the impression there is much more to be said, so 75 minutes did work well.
  • The variety of topics covered! It reminded me of Worldcon in its scope, and I was pleased there was so much to choose from! Especially as some of it wasn’t particularly sci-fi/geek oriented.
  • Each stream had its own room, which I thought was a fantastic idea.
  • The friendly and welcoming atmosphere – everyone seemed so happy to be there, and it was a very positive atmosphere!

    Negative things:
  • This may just be me, but omg I couldn’t figure out where the elevators were in the Ren?? Like, I missed a couple of panels until I found them. Maybe if the Renaissance is used again, could there be a sign? For those of us who are super incompetent?
  • I know people work Fridays, so maybe the con couldn’t have begun before it did, but I do feel like Saturday was PACKED with content, and then it petered out on Sunday. I don’t know if there’s a way to try and spread things more evenly, but it wouldn’t have been a bad idea, especially considering it’s quite expensive (or I think so? I don’t have a lot of money), it was a shame it fizzled out so much of Sunday evening.
  • I don’t feel like there was a proper beginning or end to the con, which is a shame. I’m not saying we need a super long opening and closing ceremony, but perhaps an official SOMETHING might be a good way to go? I think a last feedback and official closing thing might not be a bad thing to consider.
  • I seriously hate how far the con hotels are from reasonable food options (and from home, haha, it's like 6 or 7 hour drive) – by the Travelodge is a small community so you can get food there, but it’s either a £2.40 bus ride or 30/40 minute walk away, and if you don’t want to subsist on McDonalds or Co-Op food, that is an issue. There is no easy fix, and I’ve been moaning about it since the first Heathrow Eastercon, so I in no way blame Nine Worlds for this, but it’s still irritating!

    Finally, check out my swag:
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